A new user had registered, and he did not get along with CountBleck479. Said new user frequently commented on his countdowns/rants, saying something was wrong. CountBleck479 eventually got ticked off when a well known user started joining in. They started an enormous flame war which caused the forums to be shut down for about ten days. Eventually, the older user returned and started some more arguments, eventually leaving. The newer has mysteriously gone missing. An even newer user claimed that his older account (the well-known user's) was hacked. No one knows if this is true, as the new user has gone inactive.


The January incident is something of a misnomer. One could say it started then, or one could say it started on December 28, 2012, when a certain user registered (the details are left out in order to protect said user's privacy). Christmas had just ended, with some users traveling and some staying home. That aside, when the user began posting, some disagreed. Some of the user's posts were well-meaning, but as they said, "it's in my nature to complain". It did not go down well with the community.

On the topic "Master Cheif vs. Samus", posted by CountBleck479, a flame war erupted. It carried over several topics, dragging in another user. Two more accounts were registered that pitched in, voicing the new user's opinions along with him. It is unknown if the accounts were alts or not.

Culminating in the topic known as "Pony Confessions", on January 27, 2013, the now 3-month user, along with the other three users, engaged in one last flame war with the veteran users. Sausagefanclub along with his brother and fellow administrator Luna (not a user on this wiki) threatened the offenders with a ban, with the 3-month user and one of the others posting (the exact same) note in response to Luna's parting shot.

The veteran user that had chosen the side of the 3-month user left the forum, leaving such messages as "your forum will die without me". They have come back since, however, and the forum has chosen to forgive and forget.

In more recent history, a user registered claiming to be the old veteran user that had sided with the offenders, and claimed to have been 'hacked' before the incidents started. There is no conclusive proof of this, though, and as the user went inactive after one day, the problem remains unsolved.



The post that some would assert started it all.


The user's response to a message Sausagefanclub wrote in defense of CountBleck479.


The user's first complaint.


The user's response to Luna's response to him.


The anomaly of the old and new users.


An example post by one of the users that backed the offenders. (He claimed to have a problem with his keyboard.)


Another post by a different user that backed the offenders.