Ever since the Count announced a new RPG Maker series of games based on the forum, dubbed "Advent of the SMLPS", he has been slowly getting more aggressive and spiteful towards the users.

Major Argument #1: The TestEdit

After watching a video that messed up his brain earlier in the day, the Count came up with a plan to test his friendship with three other users. He posed as his "girlfriend" MightyMetagross and pretended she was trying to get revenge on the others, because she thought they occupied his time with her. She suggested due to a recent argument with the Count that they get back at him with scary images. The Count, upon seeing these, freaked out, said this was no way to get revenge and that real friends wouldn't do this, and left. MightyMetagross had mysteriously left during his lecture and returned afterward, taunting them. She was kicked from the documents and banned from the SMLPS.

However, frequently he had MightyMetagross come back, to the point where it got both him and her banned. He considered suicide, but eventually explained himself.

It was revealed to some people that MightyMetagross never existed since the account mismagius225 was created on a while back.

Major Argument #2: Stop Having FunEdit

During a talk on the document, one user was playing the sequel to the first Advent of the SMLPS. There's an option to fight a boss, where you have to solve it correctly to get gold. If you answer it incorrectly, you fight it. The user answered it incorrectly on purpose, and the Count challenged him, leading to him getting banned from the forum. He then joined as an alternate account and argued. Eventually, he apologized and was unbanned.

Since then, there have been many smaller arguments. The Count is often at the previously mentioned user's throat. However, he had considered leaving the forum, and went through with aforementioned plan, on the date of April 3rd, 2014.